Thematic 3 – Spatialization of observations

  • Axis 3.1: Radiative balance
  • Axis 3.2: Long-term evolution of atmospheric composition
  • Axis 3.3: Atmosphere interactions – vegetation


  • Regional: UMS Pytheas, IMBE, MIO, ECCOREV, URFM – Air PACA
  • Nationals: LSCE, LATMOS, LOA, Douai Mines, CNRM – INERIS


Radiation and optical properties of aerosols

  • C. Brogniez, P. Goloub (LOA), F. Ravetta, S. Godin-Beekman, P. Keckhut (LATMOS)

Carbon cycle

  • I. Xueref-Remy (UMS Pytheas-IMBE), W. Cramer, A. Bondeau T. Gauquelin, V. Baldy (IMBE), I. Reiter (ECCOREV), J. Balesdent, J. Guiot (CEREGE), D. Lefèvre (MIO), G. Simioni (URFM), Air PACA, M. Delmotte, Sl.

Atmospheric chemistry and dynamics

  • A. Monod (LCE), Air PACA, S. Godin-Beekman, G. Ancellet, F. Ravetta (LATMOS), S. Sauvage (Douai Mines), V. Gros, X.Y. (LSCE), O. Favez (INERIS)

Atmospheric modelling

  • C. Yohia (OSU Pytheas), J. Lathière (LSCE), C. Lac (CNRM)